July 2021

Jar of Life

How to Fill your Jar of Life I want to do a quick reminder about making sure you keep the most important things first. Maybe you’ve heard of the analogy of putting important things first as related to a Jar of Life.  Let’s put it this way. You represent the jar. You have important things,

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Create More Time

How to Reach Your Goals Part 4 – Start Creating More Time How to Create Extra Time when you’re already maxed out? We’re going to discuss four ways that you can be a magician, a physicist, or a time traveler by creating more time in your day. You may ask yourself: how do you become

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Get organized

How to Reach Your Goals – Part 2: Organize yourself and your day Do you want to learn how investing in yourself one percent a day can bring you phenomenal greatness and incredible results? Suppose you started off with a thousand dollars on January 1st and you earned 1% interest on that thousand dollars. What

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