Create More Time

How to Reach Your Goals Part 4 - Start Creating More Time

How to Create Extra Time when you’re already maxed out?

We’re going to discuss four ways that you can be a magician, a physicist, or a time traveler by creating more time in your day.

You may ask yourself: how do you become productive when you’re already maxed out?

Previously, I discussed my 365-day exit strategy from my traditional job to pivot completely to my side hustles full-time. There are five important things that you must do to even begin to enact a 365-day exit strategy. The first one is to Create More Time. The second is Get Organized. The third is to Implement some Atomic Habits. The fourth is to Prioritize Stress Management, and the fifth is to Create Your Plan of Action.

Let’s talk about creating more time in your day!

Obviously you can’t add an extra 3 hours to your day. We all only have 24 hours. You can, however, create extra time in your day to help you achieve your goals. How can you do that?

1. Adjust your sleep by an hour.

The easiest way to do that is to get up an hour early and/or go to bed an hour earlier.

That’s simple. This adds 7 hours to each week, 30 hours to each month, and 365 hours to each year. If you can do both of those things, you can multiply those numbers by two. 

Do you know how much productivity you can get with 700 hours of extra time?

Usually, people are going to bed and they’re looking on their phones as they fall asleep. Most are watching T.V., a movie, Netflix, or letting the T.V. watch them. Cut out that habit altogether, and focus on your 365-day exit strategy, on your grind, hustle, side hustle, or whatever you need to do that requires you to create more time

2. Maximize your time.

The second way you can create more time in your day, is to maximize the time that you already have.

This means cutting out the things that are wasting your time. COVID has been great for many people because it has cut out the commute. You are getting that time back by working from home.

There is an app that you can download that can monitor your time with social media. You can also monitor your screen time. There is the ability to have all your apps, or just apps that you choose, to be unavailable during select times, that you choose of course. This will help you cut out the hours of time you might spend on your phone and turn that time into productivity 

This alone could dramatically change your productivity. 

3. Put yourself first.

The final way you can create more time in your day, is to start putting yourself first.

Learn how to say no. Some people say yes to everything, and that can suck up your time. Choose who you talk with wisely. Not everyone deserves your energy. 

Stop giving away your time for free.

When you’re going to spend your time, spend it on yourself. Prioritize yourself. Prioritize your dreams. Prioritize your wants. Prioritize your desires. Prioritize your family.

Stop putting other people before yourself. I guarantee, if you start putting yourself first, you will find hours in your week that you didn’t have before

I’ve told you the three ways that you can add extra hours to your day. You can get up an hour early, go to bed an hour later, you can maximize the time that you already have, and lastly, you can put yourself first.