Consistently Striving for my exponential greatness

Living my 365-Day Exit Strategy

Just like you, it took me a very long time to pinpoint exactly what I wanted out of life.  But, I did figure it out. I want to work hard enough that I don’t have to work hard forever.  That simple.  Some people associate being busy with working hard–and some people couldn’t be more wrong.  But, the more I studied self-made and trust fund millionaires and business moguls, the more I realized I was doing it all wrong.  Working hard, for the sake of working hard, is NOT the way to wealth, passive income is.

Become a CREATOR, FACILITATOR, and/or EDUCATOR and make money even after you’re dead!

That changed everything…I mean everything.  I have always had side-hustles and created multiple streams of income while working a 6 am-6 pm job.  All while taking care of my family.  I knew this was not a model that was sustainable into the future I envisioned for myself.

I woke up one morning, locked myself in my office, and came up with the plan.  The 365-Day Exit Strategy.  That day, I decided I would leave my career, 365 days from that date, and never look back. With the full intent of matching and then exceeding my 6-figure annual corporate income.

I have never looked back!  I manifested my reality.

As the creator of the 365-Day Exit Strategy, a business development strategist, consultant, coach, and serial entrepreneur, I am constantly looking for ways to work smarter, not harder. I have spent the better part of the last quarter of a century trying to crack the code of freedom. Freedom from the 9 to 5, financial freedom, and peace at home. The lifestyle I live now, has always been well within my reach, I just had to reach out a grab it! My teaching comes directly from hard knocks experience, research, higher education, and action. Now, let me impart on you what I wish I knew back then.
- Theodora