Earning Disclaimer

Effective January 16, 2021

Theodora International Earnings Disclaimer

This website and all of the information on it and services provided through it is owned by Theodora International Inc. (“Teddy Talks”, The Real Teddy Talks,” “My Business Buddy,” “Theodora Ewing,” we,” “our,” and “us”). This Earnings Disclaimer (the “Disclaimer”), in concert with our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy determine the rules of how you can use the website, https://365dayexitstrategy.com (the “Site”) and how you access our content and services, either as a paying customer or simply a website visitor.


We highly encourage you to read this Disclaimer and our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy before you explore our website, just so you are clear on expectations from using the Site. Your continual use of the Site will be deemed acceptance of the terms in our aforementioned documents. Of course, if you do not wish to be bound by our terms, policies and disclaimers, you can always leave the Site immediately and never return. The choice is always yours.   

No Guarantees

You are going to see these words, ‘No Guarantees’ a lot in our Disclaimer, so we thought we get “it” out in the open. What do no guarantees mean? It is very basic and the words are meant to have their exact meaning: we make NO GUARANTEES about any success that you’ll get from our Site or our courses or any of our free offers. We will do everything in our power to push you to your greatness, but we make no guarantees and we try our best but can only control so much about your success through our courses. 

You understand that Theodora Ewing makes no guarantees whatsoever regarding any results based on any action or inaction relating to your life, social media accounts or businesses based on the information we share or services we sell or share for free through the Site. At the end of the day, we will not be responsible or make any promises for what will happen in your life and business. Even if you’ve worked with us as client before and had certain results, we make no guarantee that will happen again.  We want you to reach your greatness, but we make no promises regarding results and make no guarantees whatsoever. 


The intention of the information we share and post on the Site is for informational and promotional purposes only. We know and continue to learn a significant amount about entrepreneurship and running a business online and it is our passion to share this information with you.

You Are Responsible for Your Own Actions

You are fully responsible for any actions you do or do not take while interacting with the Site. As a condition of using this Site, you agree you will be prudent and consult with a professional before taking any significant decisions regarding your life or business based on the information you find on the Site. 

Qualifications + Not Professional Advice

Theodora Ewing holds the following qualifications and does not represent or warrant that she has any professional qualifications outside of what is listed below: 

Master of International Financial Management

Master of Arts in Security Studies of the Middle East North Africa Region

Bachelor of Business Administration in Computer Information Systems

Associate Degree in Business Administration

Certified Defense Financial Manager


The information on this website, while provided by a successful entrepreneur, is not tailored to you specifically or to your business specifically. As such, the advice on the website is not professional advice. Theodora Ewing has developed many tips and tricks to succeeding in business and anything shared on the Site comes from a place of experience, research, and love and support for your personal success. Theodora Ewing provides professional advice in the context that she has worked very hard to learn how to be a successful coach and assist clients in achieving their business goals. However, she does not represent or warrant to be an expert or professional with professional designations and she makes no guarantees regarding any specific success from working with her. Your choice to rely on her advice, guidance, teaching or principles is simply that – your choice. We only make recommendations and provide advice. That doesn’t mean it is guaranteed to work for you.

In this light, you understand you cannot hold us liable in any way for any actions you take or do not take based on our content on this website. Feel free to use the information on the website as a resource for ideas and information, but act or do not act on it only if you want. Hire a professional or seek professional advice if you are making important decisions for your life and business but understand you can’t hold us responsible for how you interact with the information on our website. 

Think About Becoming an Client

By accessing and using the Site, there is no client-professional relationship created between you and Theodora Ewing. You will only be a client once you sign a contract that we send to you officially creating a professional-client relationship. We hope to work together with you soon, but until we sign an agreement together, you are not a client. By continuing to use the Site, you acknowledge that for the moment, you are viewing an informational site


All of the content we put on the Site is intended to be as accurate as possible and to be as helpful as possible in providing you with helpful information for your life and your business. But we ask you to understand that not everything we include on the Site may be accurate or entirely true. Of course, we’ll never intentionally mislead you, or purposely post inaccurate information, but we all make mistakes. Or, it is possible that we forget to include something pertinent in sharing information on the Site. As such, we ask you to take the information on the Site lightly and not to rely entirely on what we share and accept that some of our content may be incorrect. Again, if you have any issues with this, you are always welcome to stop using the Site. 

Information Sharing

While creating content for the Site, we’ll often share other authors, creators, businesses, and entrepreneurs we love or cool products and amazing things that light us up which we want to share with you! For the majority of what we review, we are doing so from our heart without any ancillary benefit to use except knowing that we are sharing something we love. In alignment with everything shared on this Site, we ask you to take our shares exactly for what they are: us sharing cool things with you. What we share is not professional advice and we ask you not to rely solely on our opinion of what we think is a fabulous product or service. If we have formed a relationship with a company or product where we get a “in kind” compensation or benefit, we will explicitly disclose that information for your clarity and our peace of mind. If it’s paid or affiliate, I will say so explicitly.

Online | Social Affiliations

I have no official or registered partnerships with YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or any of the other platforms we use. As mentioned below, if we have any official or paid affiliation, we will let you know. To be explicitly clear, we are not officially partnered or affiliated with YouTube, Instagram or Facebook. 

If we provide a link to an affiliated service or some form of partnership of a business we work with, we will let you know explicitly. Also, just a heads up – if we have an affiliation with a company, it is because we think they are sound and good at what they do…so much so, that I put my name in the same sentence with theirs. You will always retain the right to choose to work with another company, business or professional if you like and we ask you not to rely solely on our recommendations. You will always be the one to decide if a purchase feels right and we encourage you to be diligent in making any such decisions. If we get a kickback from an affiliation, it never comes at a cost to you.  


We are very proud of our amazing clients whom we have helped achieve incredible results. We want you to know that all of these testimonials are from actual clients and all of their words, feelings and results are totally authentic. Please note however, that while these testimonials showcase incredibly hard working and talented individuals, their results are a product of their hard work and efforts. Further, their success is NO GUARANTEE for results you will get from working with Theodora Ewing. Everyone is different and everyone will have different results. We have chosen to highlight some of our favourite clients and have them explain our services in their own words.

Earnings Disclaimer

It may happen that we share some of our clients’ success stories and some specifics around what their success looks like. Once again, their success is NOT A GUARANTEE for your success and we are simply showing what results are possible through our programs, not that everyone will get these results from our programs and services.


What we do is everything we can to help you succeed, but ultimately your ability to build a successful business and achieve the results you desire depends on several factors, most directly you and the actions you take and the effort you put in. We make NO GUARANTEES related to any specific success you may experience by using our services and programs. It is entirely possible, although unlikely, that you can do one of our courses or be coached by us and receive no income at all. Anything is possible. We ask you to fully grasp this concept before you use the Site and enjoy our services.

If you take our recommendations that we share on the Site or use our services, we ask you to do so mindfully and with prudence. You understand that Theodora Ewing is not liable for any actions you take or do not take based on the information we provide or the services and products we offer.

No Warranties

Theodora Ewing makes no promises that the Site or third-party programs we use to offer our services and products will always be operational. If something goes wrong, obviously, we’ll do everything we can to fix it ASAP. We also make no representations or warranties of any kind around any of the content we produce or share on the Site. To the maximum extent permissible by US Federal laws, Theodora Ewing disclaims all warranties regarding all information, products and services offered on or through the Site. 

Releasing Theodora Ewing of Liability

Theodora Ewing will not be liable for any actions you do or not take based on the information on the Site and the products or services sold through the Site. None. Theodora Ewing will not be liable for any damages based on your participation of using the Site or through anything you have purchased through the Site. 

Further, you understand that by the fullest extent permissible by law that Theodora Ewing will not be held responsible for any form of damages or any legal claims against it based out of your use of the Site and through any of the services or products purchased through the Site. 

Reach Out

Please feel free to connect with Theodora Ewing to ask us any questions. All communications should be directed to [email protected]. If you have any questions whatsoever prior to enrolling in any of Theodora Ewing’s webinars or courses, we will provide you with an honest answer to make sure you make the best decision for you.

Thanks so much and we appreciate you reading our Disclaimer!