Get organized

How to Reach Your Goals - Part 2: Organize yourself and your day

Do you want to learn how investing in yourself one percent a day can bring you phenomenal greatness and incredible results?

Suppose you started off with a thousand dollars on January 1st and you earned 1% interest on that thousand dollars. What if that interest kept getting re-invested back to the original one thousand dollars at the end of that year? You’d have $37,783, to be exact.

Today is about getting organized, staying organized, and automating the process.

This is part 2 of my five-part series. This isn’t going to be your average topic about decluttering, living your best life in your space, finding the objects that bring you joy, getting your whole life together, and organizing your house.

This is the bare minimum, this is where you can get organized to start your 365-day exit strategy. You can start a business, feel better about yourself, live your best life, etc. I’m going to give you the first steps so that you can get started, you can hit the ground running, and you can get where you’re trying to go.

1. Declutter your immediate surroundings.

The first thing you need to do to get organized, stay organized, and automate the process, is to declutter your immediate surroundings.

The place where you want to create your greatness and success is where you need to start. This might be your room, your office, your desk, your kitchen table, anywhere. You need to make sure that space is clear of clutter, free of things that bring you negative energy and stress.

Are there certain things in that space that might bring you negative energy? Were you given a gift by someone that hurt you and that specific object instantly brings you anxiety or stress? Remove that from your space, and maybe even your life.

Why are you keeping anything around you that’s bringing you negative energy? 

Do you have a plant that keeps dying, and you keep replacing it, and it’s reminding you how you don’t have a green thumb and how unsuccessful you are? Remove it.

If you have anything in your house that brings you negative energy, remove it from your space.

For example, those paper stacks that everyone has in their office, desk, or kitchen table. The mail that you haven’t gone through, remove it from your space.

Do you have someone in your life that brings negative energy to your space? It might be time to work through that and find a way to remove them from your space as well.

2. Touch it once.

That segues me into my second recommendation, which is to touch it once.

These are the things that end up in piles all over your house. What is bad for me is mail. I am constantly putting things into different piles. Organizing that part of my space is extremely important. 

My recommendation for you is when you get something important in the mail or get something important from work, once you touch it in your hand, you need to deliver it to its home. Put it in the correct space that it needs to go in. It will save you time and energy in the future.

If it’s important, put it where it needs to go. If it’s not important, remove it from your space immediately. 

Most things are able to be found and saved electronically. Put them in their correct space and touch it once.

Another bad problem I have is email, specifically work emails. Since I’m transitioning from my day job, I get an absorbent amount of emails, most of them unnecessary. To help  this, I implemented specific email time.

Whether that’s an hour, two hours, or three hours, I’m not answering the phone, I am not allowing people into my office, so I can focus on checking my email. It is an undisturbed time that I have allotted  to myself. 

Once I’ve responded, I move that email out of my inbox into a completed folder. It’s gone forever until the next thing comes up, or the next question comes up. There’s no reason for me to keep these emails in my main email box.

I try to keep my main email box very short and full of only things I need to take care of that day. 

3. Detach from distractions.

The third recommendation I have is to detach from distractions.

Whatever your distraction is, whatever keeps you from living your best life and achieving your goals, you need to detach from it.

If it’s watching television, maybe you need to take the TV out of the room. Maybe just unplug it, so you have to actually physically go plug it in to watch it. If it’s your phone, and you’re in your space trying to create greatness, you need to leave that phone outside of that space.

Maybe you’re someone who keeps everything on your phone, your notes, everything. In that case, download those things to your desktop, your tablet, or device you will be working on.

Are you a note taker and like to have them in front of you? Print it out. Put it on a piece of paper and then shred that piece of paper once you are finished. Remove the distraction of your phone. It will keep you from staying focused on what you’re trying to do, and staying focused on being organized, and living your best life.

Do you have family or kids that are distracting? As your spouse or significant other to help detach them from your space so you can work on what you need to work on. I have two small kids and my husband helps me detach from them just long enough to create videos, to get work done, whatever it is. He’s supportive, and he helps me out. You need to have a team around you that can help support you in this way.

You need to have someone that’s there to help you get it together, and live your best life, and create greatness.

You need someone that’s there and riding for you and helping you achieve your goals. Those that are not helping you achieve greatness should not have a seat at your table. You’re the master of your fate. Don’t forget that.

4. Start planning out your day.

And my fourth and final tip of the day is to start planning out your day, your week, and your month. 

I recommend this right before you go to bed. You need to think about the next day. Think about what you want to accomplish, think about what you have to do, think about what you can push off to another time. What is most important for tomorrow?

Think about what’s essential and what’s not. You need to set your intention. That’s the most crucial step of this.

Set your intention. Decide what is important and what you need to accomplish that day. During the day, don’t let anyone or anything steer you away from achieving those goals that you set out the night before.

There will always be an endless amount of tasks that you need to accomplish every day. Choose the most important ones first.

You need to be in control of your time, in control of your surroundings and in control of the things you need to do. 

Learn how to say no. If saying yes is going to distract you from your goal, then choose to say no. No, period. It’s a whole sentence, and there’s no explanations needed.

In closing, I’ve given you four tips to help organize, stay organized, and automate organization. We talked about how to declutter, touch it only once, detach from distractions and start to plan out your day. Once you’ve planned your day, you can plan out your week, and once you’ve mastered planning out your week, you can plan out your month.

Start small, and eventually, those minor adjustments turn into significant adjustments, and those small adjustments can add up to unimaginable greatness.

Invest in yourself and reach exponential greatness. Do small things to achieve phenomenal change by the end of the year. Making one percent improvement every day for a whole year can bring you a 3778% return on your interest.

Suppose you started off with a thousand dollars on January 1st, and you earned 1% interest on that thousand dollars. That interest kept getting re-invested back into the original $1000 at the end of that year. In that case, you’d have $37,783 to be exact off of $1000 with 1% growth every single day.

You are that thousand dollars, you’re $10,000, you’re $100,000. If you consider yourself $100,000 and you’re earning 1% interest on that, it’ll be 3.7, almost $3.8 million at the end of the year.

You are your greatest investment. Bet on yourself. Forget everything else. Bet on yourself. You’re a guaranteed win.

Put 1% in every single day and watch that interest grow, and grow, and grow, and at the end of the year, you’ll be a whole new you. Bet on yourself.