Upgrade your Environment

Upgrade your Environment for a Better You

Solve your Frustration with These 2 Points

There are Things That We Can and Cannot Change and It’s Completely Up to You

I want to bring you inspiration and energy today. 

Upgrade your environment. Take a look around you. What’s helping you out? What’s bringing you life and what’s not?

I want to talk about things we can change and things we cannot change.

I had a discussion with a family member recently and he was very frustrated about something. I explained to him that if you are frustrated, and you are sitting around with that frustration, it will tear you apart. You have the choice to fix it

Frustration is nothing more than your body telling you your perception and expectations are not in line. THAT’S IT. They are not in a line, and it’s creating uncomfortability that you need to adjust. You need to either change your perception, or change your expectation.

The way you change your perception and avoid frustration is to change the things around you. You remove those factors. You remove those people. You remove those things. You remove those circumstances. By changing that, you then re-balance that dynamic, or you adjust your expectations.

Stop expecting people to do what you would do. Stop expecting people to live how you live. Stop expecting things to turn out the way you hoped they would turn out if you didn’t have any direct involvement in it. Finally, stop complaining about it.

Accept things for what they are. Complaining about something isn’t going to solve anything. It’s not going to fix the past.

We need to be looking forward. One brilliant way that I started to help myself was to stop using COULD, SHOULD and WOULD. Those are usually used in the past tense, or are talking about something that may or may not happen. I replaced those words with CAN, SHALL and WILL. When you say those words instead, you are giving yourself the power.

You are empowering your words. You are empowering your action, and you’re moving in a forward direction of change, of action, of solution, of problem solving. You are putting the onus on yourself to fix that problem.

If you’re stuck, I have two major points I want to help you with. I say the best way to solve frustration is to adjust your environment.  

1. Check the energy of the people and the things around you.

The first way you can adjust your environment is to check the people’s energy and the things around you. Look around your space that you spend a lot of time in. If you’re in the office, look around your office. If you’re at work, look around your work environment. Whatever it is, gauge the energy of the people and the things around you.

Is everything that is there bringing you joy?

I know I sound like Marie Kondo, but I’m serious. Is it bringing you joy? Are the things you have sitting in your immediate space, your room, your living room, your life bringing you joy? Are they making you happy? Do they make you feel comfortable?

If they don’t, decide to get rid of it or change it. This relates to people as well. Are the people that are around you riding for you? Are they helping you out? Are they helping you solve your problems? Are they talking through business ideas? Are they talking through business ventures? Are they helping to spark an idea? Are they helping you move through difficulties in your life? If the answer is no, and they’re not your children, then why the heck are they around you?

If you have people that are constantly around you that aren’t helping you get through your moment, aren’t helping you clear your thoughts, aren’t helping you be the best person you can be or helping you grow, why are they there?

Once you’ve assessed the energy of the things around you, you need to start 1 by 1 by 1 getting rid of those things that aren’t bringing you good energy. Start getting rid of those people, or at least minimizing contact with them, who aren’t bringing you good energy.

It’s not rocket science. Our bodies are built to sense and know the deepest of emotion. Trust your instinct, trust your body, trust the vibrations. When you get a bad feeling about someone or something, choose to remove it from your life.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Familiarity breeds contempt”? What that means is things around you begin to lose value, you begin to lose respect for them. This sometimes happens with the people around you. They are around you. They know you. You know them, and you’ll come across a stranger and treat them better and offer them better value than you offer the people in your immediate environment.

You need to adjust this, and you need to let the people around you know that it can change. Your relationship with them can change. Your energy with them can change.

2. You'll want high quality and low quantity.

The next step in upgrading your environment is you want high quality, low quantity. Those of you that are surrounded by tons and tons of things, useless things, or useless people, you need to start knocking them out one by one.

You want high quality. You want five riders around you. You want a person that is riding for you. You want five riders more than having a large group of people who aren’t there for you. They’re not providing any value, and aren’t there to assist if you need someone to help you.

So, start knocking them out. They’re not going to get you where you’re trying to go. They’re not going to help you brainstorm and build your dreams or make your dreams come true.

Knock them out of your life. I’m not saying forever, but you don’t need to have them around you messing with your energy.

The thought for today is to upgrade your environment. Upgrade your life. Upgrade your energy. Upgrade the things around you. Stop complaining and stop being frustrated. Trust your instincts.